About Us

We have got 14 years experience in the financial area.

Our company has been established on the supposition that customers tend to look for a specialized industry expert with many years’ experience of working in project teams that can:

  • Offer a time-proved advice,
  • Develop solutions that guarantee the investment return (over 250%),
  • Provides highly professional consultations based on the experience gained from about 2,500 cases related to delivering financial services,
  • Uses efficient models, metrics and analytical tools to guide the strategy,
  • Offers thought leadership on the basis of the relevant analysis and researches,
  • Increases the shareholder value on the basis of the provided advice.

Why Choose Parker Finance Group?

There is a serious communication gap between IT suppliers, business users and back office services. This problem needs to be solved. The number of cases when suppliers and users pass in the night and fail to connect increases.

The majority of consultants have quite low competence in technical matters. They hardly understand the business strategy and critical requirements to success. Our capability to distinguish them is based on our knowledge of the customers’ needs, bank management, and personnel contacting directly with customers. Due to it, we entirely realize the distinctive value that is manifested in the increased cross-functional collaboration and elimination of investments with a low level of return.

Client area


Since 2004, we have fulfilled about 2,500 tasks for our numerous customers, including:
  • 85% of the major U.S. and Canadian companies

  • International legal entities from 30 countries

  • Fund and brokerage companies

  • Financial and technical ventures

  • About 35 vendors of technology financial services