Corporate Strategy

A lot of Board members and C-level executives consider our “Go on Smiling” Strategy to be classical.

The direct results of the company strategy are the decisions and distribution of resource actions. Any successfully strategy must be attractive for investors and cover five basic issues:

  • The goal of the company and the term of its achievement,
  • The focus of the company in terms of goods and customer segments,
  • The ways the business will use to win the market when achieving a high level of profitability, and
  • Methods to manage the company business.

The efficiency of this framework has been proven by numerous projects we developed for our customers. It was acknowledged and highly assessed by Board members and C-level executives.

Why Choose Parker Finance Group?

Parker Finance Group are professionals in full understanding the shareholder value determinants, as well as in assessing the value added within the company. Several decades ago we were pioneers in calculating the risk-adjusted profitability for goods, customers, businesses, and market segments.

Our professionals can successfully identify all aspects of the company financial structure and business strategy that undergo several phases of the economic cycle. For instance, one of our clients has recently identified specific features possessed by banks that outperformed pre- and post-financial crisis. Our researches showed the possibility to operate at a lower risk and gain some profit to be distributed among the company shareholders. How did we manage to do it? We used some specific tools developed by us for such purposes.

When we work at our customers’ projects we use classical and generally acknowledged approaches to formulating the strategy, including profitability, competitive analysis, and potential of growth. All these components are extremely important. However, our personal deep insight is what makes our job a complete success and allows us to achieve high results.

After all, we possess performance benchmarks, and basic associated grounds for legal entities.

Client area

  • I heard from numerous Board members that it was the most efficient and productive planning meeting they had ever attended. I agree with them. You covered a lot of serious issues in a very understandable and clear manner. Gerri F. Jones

  • We were happy to contact you and jointly work at the development of our corporate strategy. You have entirely met our expectations. Your assistance allowed us to look at the problem differently and see our benefits from the current state. Reda S. Wallace

  • You contribution to our company success is incredible! You managed to help us to cope with serious problems on the target market. Your approaches are not mere words but really acting and efficient tools that allow to cope with any sort of business problem. Maria C. Walls

  • It was a perfect experience to work with your experts. I have learn much new about the corporate strategy development and implementation. You have special knowledge and valuable experience that allows you to take efficient decisions. John E. Robertson

  • The meeting was useful. I have got much important information that will be efficiently used in my work. You inspired me and made me believe in my efforts. Joseph I. Reed