Marketing and Segmentation

Our company provides its customers interested in financial services with professional assistance related to depositing, investing, obtaining secured and unsecured loans, managing cash, and insuring life. The approach we use allows us to make deep researches, perform advanced analytics, and access all kinds of data (demographic, firmographic, and credit) that is available for customers and companies.

These are the insights we have assembled in relation to business and consumer households that at the level of the individual household managed to:

  • Estimate the size of the product-level revenue wallet,
  • Make insights on products in terms of purchase preferences.

Customers tend to consider a typical campaign to produce investment return that exceeds 500%, is paid off in less than 6 months, and every year adds 10-20% growth in loan balances, deposits, and managed assets.

As for small firms, their typical campaign produces a 1000% investments return, is paid off within 4 months, and adds 10-20% growth to loan balances and business deposits every year.

Our Business Acquisition Marketing System (BAMS) and Consumer Acquisition Marketing System (CAMS) can identify the most attractive business and customers’ goals and allow to get the most appropriate offer. We can develop a strategy that will improve specific product categories like commercial loans, credit lines, checking accounts, credit cards, real estate loans, investment accounts, mortgages, etc.

Client area

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